Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pink Gradient

Happy Tuesday everyone! As a treat for getting through Monday, I decided to try doing a pink gradient last night. I also can't play StarCraft II, so this kept me busy while I was on Skype with the boyfriend.

I saw this technique used by a number of bloggers, but I wanted to specifically point out Wan's from http://ilovenailpolish.blogspot.com/. I really liked the colors she used, and although I don't have the exact polishes, I used similar colors.

Misa Camellia Destiny, Sally Hansen Pink Promise, China Glaze Preppy Pink, China Glaze Fairy Dust and China Glaze Techno

2 coats of Camellia Destiny

1 coat 3/4 down of Pink Promise

1 coat of 1/2 way down Preppy Pink, then 1 coat of just the tips

With Fairy Dust, Techno, and rhinestones!

Makes me think of summer

My nails are getting slightly less nubbly!


  1. I <3 this one. so princess-esque!
    How on earth do you do your right nail? Maybe I'm just clumsy but there's no way I'd be coordinated enough to do that to both hands hehe

  2. Hehe yes I LOVE it, I do feel quite princess-y and I can't stop looking down at my nails!
    My right nails right now are actually better than my left! I'm getting better at it :P I typically only photograph the left though (so I can hold my camera w/ my right)

  3. That is so pretty. It inspired me to try something more than just one color.. not as good as yours but I'm learning. :)

  4. Jaded Lights: aww thank you! I love trying random new designs - sometimes they don't turn out very good and I will completely remove it, but this one turned out well