Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nail Palettes - Blacks

Black is one of those standard, never goes out of style nail polishes. People probably think I'm crazy for owning so many of the "same" black polishes. I'd have to say that my three "solid" black nail polishes actually all differ in formula and how many coats until opaque so they aren't equal exactly. You can't go wrong with it! Black nail polish is no longer reserved for goths and punks; I think it's very flattering on everyone!

(From left to right: Sally Hansen Black Out, Essie Licorice, China Glaze Black Diamond, China Glaze Liquid Leather, and China Glaze Jitterbug)

Sally Hansen Black Out: The formula on this was not my favorite. However, it is the most opaque out of SH, Essie, and ChG. This was my first black nail polish ever!

Essie Licorice: I feel like this formula is more "jelly-like" than the Sally Hansen. I think this is my favorite formula; it is opaque in 2 coats.

China Glaze Black Diamond: This gorgeous nail polish is from China Glaze Ski Collection. I really love the shimmer; it's a dark charcoal color with silver shimmer.

China Glaze Liquid Leather: Liquid Leather was the biggest disappointment to me; it takes 3+ coats to be opaque. I suppose it is "glossy," as it advertises itself as a hi-gloss creme. However, with only 1 or 2 coats, it looks like you colored in your fingernail with Sharpie. I suppose it's still a good polish, just not opaque enough for me!

China Glaze Jitterbug: I LOVE this nail polish. I blogged about it a week or so ago. It's such a pretty gunmetal foil; I love silver! I wore it last time with China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat and China Glaze Fairy Dust for super bling!

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