Sunday, August 15, 2010

FreshLook ColorBlend - Green versus Grey Colored Contacts

I've been wearing my FreshLook ColorBlends in Green for the past two years. I got them the summer before my senior year in high school, just for fun; I only bought one box of them, and the rest regular contacts. I liked them so much that I ended up buying a year's supply of green. This year, I decided to switch it up and buy Colorblends in Grey as well. I've only tried on in the doctor's office green, grey, blue, and honey, because at the time, my doctor recommended the Toric version for my astigmatism. Miraculously, when I went back to the eye doctor this summer, she said that I no longer have astigmatism, or that the astigmatism has diminished significantly... not quite sure how that happens, but I'll go with it! Out of the four colors I've tried on, I only liked green and grey; blue was way too intense and fake-looking, while honey made me look like a zombie. I ended up choosing the green because it looked more natural (as natural as an Asian with green eyes could be). It also looks warmer, in my opinion. However, I really liked the grey as well; they looked more startling and colder. In the end, I was also considering sterling grey; luckily for me, I googled images of Asian girls wearing them and came across one blogger's review of them. Sterling grey is more blue and "husky-like," as she described, which I don't like as much.



I really like grey in person, but in photographs I think I prefer the green. What do you think? Do you wear colored contacts?


  1. I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous!
    Both the green and the grey contacts look very natural!

  2. You are really beautiful! :) I like grey more, but green are lovely too.
    I never wore colored contacts, but I'm sure I'll try them one day. I have blue eyes and I would looove to have brown. But how I would look with brown eyes is another question. :P

  3. CS1993 - thank you!

    Claudia - you are too sweet, thanks! I do like FreshLooks because they look more natural :)

    Ivana - thanks! You should give them a try :) I love colored contacts; I love my natural eye color too, but it's always fun to switch it up!

  4. they both look lovely! although i prefer green eyes more :)
    i am such a scaredycat to wear contacts :/
    but i really wanna try them!

  5. where do you buy them? they look really nice on you! How much are they? Could I buy them online somewhere? You're gorgeous by the way :)

  6. I've been wanting to get colored contacts! (I wear clear) and those 2 colors are the ones I am aiming for...but this might sound silly, you're allowed to try on the colored lenses at your doctors before purchasing them? Because I wouldn't want to buy a color that know..ick. haha.

  7. If you want a nice grey contact that pops out in photos and looks nice in person try neo cosmo glamour gray! trust me i wear them all the time. I've worn them for the past four years. I have tried them in all colors. The green and gray are the best, but don't go for the queen neo cosmos. But gray is the one that really pops in pics. I wear them in most of my videos if you check out How To: Put on a Wig. if you have a youtube you can message me: jaiinecupcake

  8. i think in the pictures, green looks better~
    actually both color look great.

  9. I have tries, blue, true sapphire, hazel, honey, sterlng gray and I just went yesterday to renew my contacts as my prescription has changed the past year.I tried on gemstome green but I found that they were not as natural looking although very beautiful! I ended up getting just green.Im happy with my choice..they look natural and Gorgeous!

  10. You look beautiful in your pics. Great pick of colors. I've tried different colors from other brands and i don't find it alluring as it looks scary & unnatural. Hence, when i googled for one of the best brands that is a must try Freshlook Colorblends works great as it blends your own natural eye color. I've tried "Pure Hazel" it's a mixture of green & brown as for me I'm Asian who have dark brown eyes so it does look really nice & natural. I bought new pair of contacts the gray one from Freshlook Colorblends & i will definitely try it. I've been reading many reviews which colored contact lenses fits most of Asians who have dark eyes. Best choice for a more natural & great looking that is not creepy are: "Brown, Pure Hazel, Green & Gray" You may get it from "Freshlook Colorblends (U.S Brand)". Based from my experience it is comfortable sometimes i forget I'm wearing one. Caution: Don't sleep with contact lens as it can irritate and may damage your eyes, don't wear for more than 8 hours, properly disinfect and soak your lens using your prescribed solution. And lastly, ENJOY wearing your new eye color! Be confident and you will standout in the public eye!:D Yes, I did it for fun and just wanted to have a new look in a different way. Thanks for your review:))

  11. naturelle contacts Illuminate Dailies, as the name implies, is just good for single use only. Please take note: SINGLE USE ONLY. You wear 'em now and throw 'em out later-it's that simple.

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