Friday, August 20, 2010

Color Club Vintage Couture

I was in the mood for a girly pink today! I just cut my nails short because I am getting back to playing piano! I put off practicing all summer because I was a little creeped out of going to the Fine Arts building by myself in the summer. However, I'm back and loving it; I can't believe I didn't practice for so long. Anyways, today's nail polish is Color Club Vintage Couture. It's a very light pink creme and looks very good on my tan hands! 2-3 coats to be opaque.

The color is a lot more "Barbie pink" than my photographs would show!


  1. Everybody has a pale pink in their collection these days.
    Thats a cute pink color.
    How many coats was it??

  2. Kasy - Thanks!
    AnnKiins'♥ - I agree! My favorite is Misa Camellia Destiny (but that is more of a jelly polish). I'm wearing this with 3 coats :) I find that pale pinks tend to streak more

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