Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Konad Experience

My very first Konad experience can be summed up in one word: DISASTER. I read the instructions and watched the videos on youtube. I felt ready to take on these little adorable plates. When I got these plates today, for some reason I was expecting CD-size discs; however these are very tiny (which makes sense now that I think about it since how else would the design fit on your nail).

Anyways, I spent two hours trying to do this manicure; very frustrating! I've figured it out a little, but I'd still appreciate any suggestions that you guys can give me! My design wasn't transferring onto the stamp at all... I figured out after a while that I was scraping too much of the nail polish off the plate (literally scraping out the design by accident). Anyways, I finally succeeded in making one bunny. I'm not even sure anymore what color I used (either China Glaze Sugar High or OPI That's Hot! Pink) for the bunny. I really didn't like this manicure, but I'm going to post it anyways, as it is my first Konad-ing! Ignore my horrible job with the white polish (I did poorly keeping it out of my cuticles, as always).

My first Konad plate (S10)

Manicure without the bunny. I used three coats of China Glaze White Out with little pink rhinestones.

Mr. Bun Bun

Also a huge thank you to Asami at Nails by Asami for answering my desperate e-mail about my failed Konad. Check out her blog, she's awesome!