About Me

I'm a twenty-year-old college student who loves pretty things! I started this blog on July 11, 2010 in hopes to share with everyone some of my favorite nail polishes (instead of constantly badgering my friends to look at my nails!) I also started the blog to review products, after my long search for a good mascara began. Although I am a strong believer in no make-up days (letting that natural beauty shine through!), I love playing with different colors and new looks.

I am a biochemistry major (expected B.S.) with a music minor, midway through my sophomore year. I am currently on the pre-medicine track, although I am also considering a graduate program in nutrition or public health. I've always had a passionate interest for nutrition, health, and beauty, and hopefully I can have a career that combines all three. I hope to better educate people about nutrition and influence those around me to eat healthier.

I am also currently training and fundraising to be a part of the 2012 San Fran 4K for Cancer ride. I will be cycling from Baltimore, MD to San Francisco, CA with 30 other college students from around the area in order to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and cancer patients. If you are interested in supporting me in the cause, please donate to the following link: http://4kforcancer.org/profiles/alice-jiang/. It would mean so much to me! Also, your donation is tax-deductible, as you will get an e-mail confirmation/receipt once you have submitted your donation!

Last, but certainly not least, I have family and friends who support me through everything. They mean more to me than I can say in this short "About Me" section. A special thank you to all my friends who let me try my nail polish design skills on them!

Please feel free to e-mail me at aliceinpolishland [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!