Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money

Hi everyone! It's been an incredibly busy weekend as I was helping out with the freshmen of my college. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people! I had my nails decked out (two designs) in my college's colors, but I will not be posting them for privacy reasons. Anyways, today I needed the perfect back-to-school outfit so I wore a light pink tank top with a high-waist gray floral skirt, pink moccasins, and a dark gray cardigan. I decided to use Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money to off-set the girliness of the pink.


  1. Love the shape of your nails.
    That color looks great on you ;-)

  2. peripatetic33 - I know! It goes well with a lot of outfits!

    Gwen - Thanks! I love it

    Golden Wishes - thank you!! I actually just cut my nails (I play piano) so they aren't as pretty anymore :(

  3. This is gorgeous!!! Perfect for Fall thank you for posting deff going to get myself a bottle :)

  4. This is a perfect color! I will search for this one at my next shopping trip :)

  5. Renay Shanel - No problem! I love this color too :)

    Illse - go for it! I think it looks very flattering with everyone

    Le Temps d'M - thanks!

  6. This color is wonderful, I love it