Thursday, August 5, 2010

Electro Prep

Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays because it's *almost* Friday, but not quite! I'm very excited because the boyfriend will be coming up to visit me on Friday; weekends with the boyfriend are full of cuddling, movies, and food, my favorites! Anyways, I did a hot pink mani yesterday with a different design on each nail. I've seen a lot of really cute designs via my Tumblr, and wanted to give a try at some less traditional nail art. I used Color Club Electro Candy for the base and LA Colors in Black for the designs, as well as Amour Rain Glitter for the accents. I also used different colored rhinestones. I don't own OPI Mad as a Hatter (even though I'd love to!), but of all the swatches I've seen so far, I feel like Amour Rain Glitter is comparable (maybe not a dupe though), if not denser, not to mention cheaper!

Left hand

Right hand

Left hand, with my class ring and a gorgeous pink ring from my sister!

Right hand, with a ring from my aunt and bracelet from the boyfriend!

What do you guys think? Too crazy or just cute enough? I totally rock these nail designs at work (as well as very colorful make-up) and nobody minds; my boss always tells me that I have cute nails!


  1. I think it's really cute. I love doing a different design on each nail, you get to use all of your creativity!

  2. Thanks Jeanelle! :) It was so much fun doing different things on each nail. I might try skittling next!

  3. Love your nails! I don't think they're crazy at all. They're really cute. :)