Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nail Palettes - Purples

(From left to right: Chelsea Kaleidoscope, Sally Hansen Flair, China Glaze Midnight Ride, and China Glaze Fly)

Chelsea Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope is so annoying to photograph! Unlike in these photos, Kaleidoscope is a green, gray, and purple duochrome. It changes in every light (and therefore is very difficult to capture). I'm not a huge fan of wearing this alone though, as the gray makes me feel a little tired and not as exciting (at least for the summer). I would prefer a more blue/green/purple duochrome instead.

Sally Hansen Flair: Along with Sally Hansen Glow, this was one of my first nail polishes. Come to think of it, I purchased Glow, Flair and Black Out last summer as part of some retail therapy after a break-up, with my now-current boyfriend. See, good things come with nail polish! Anyways, the shimmer in Flair is made up of red and blue. You can distinctly see the shimmer as being red and blue, but from a distance, Flair is all royal purple.

China Glaze Midnight Ride: I have yet to actually wear Midnight Ride. The color is very dark and vampy, but you can still tell that it is purple and not black. I really can't wait to wear this color, perhaps in the fall!

China Glaze Fly: Fly is now one of my favorite colors. Even though I lumped it with the purples, it is more of a fuschia. I really enjoy this color because it is very vibrant and almost Barbie-like. Before this summer, I was not a fan of any pinks/reds, and certainly not fuschia. However, I'm happy to say I am now a converted fan! I can also imagine this being a very gorgeous color for the toes to stand out.

Since I took these pictures, I have acquired quite a few more purples. I'll swatch them at a later date! Hope you are all having a good week so far!


  1. YUMMMM Purples are my favorites ;D

  2. Amy - agreed! we'll have to do purple/gold for rush too ;)

    Asami - me too, it's one of my new favorites!

    CS1993 - I feel that way every time I look at nail blogs; it's dangerous for my wallet ;)

  3. Purples are my fave!! These all look lovely. Must keep my eye out for Fly!

  4. I love these! Especially Chelsea Kaleidoscope :)

  5. 'chelle - Purples and blues are my favorite! Fly is really bright and fun, one of my favorites

    Lois - thanks! Chelsea Kaleidoscope is one of those colors I had no idea what it looked like before I bought it, and I'm so glad I did! It looks even better in person, I couldn't quite capture it. I can't get enough of duochromes!