Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sephora Collection Flashy Liners

I have discovered a new favorite colored liner: Sephora Collection Flashy Liners. When I was younger, I loved Maybelline Cool Effects (courtesy of my big sister) - they were creamy and went on very smoothly. I now prefer brighter colors and the flashy liners do just that. They stay on for nearly the whole day (without eye primer I might add), and they are really the perfect size. My lovely little Asian eyes do have a double eyelid, but my double eyelid is very small. I will generally only use color on the eyelid, although if I am going out, I will put color on the whole lid up to the crease.

(From left to right) Flashy Silver, Flashy Copper, Flashy Ultra Green, Flashy Blue, Flashy Ultra Violet, Flashy Black. The colors are much brighter than in this picture (due to poor lighting in the thunderstorms)

After swatching, I found them very difficult to remove with my regular eye make-up remover (L'Oréal), as these are waterproof liners (I had to scrub at my arm). The color is pretty intense though; really love these!

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