Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nail Designs

If you haven't heard already, I am currently offering nail services to friends and family (and anyone else who wants their nails done) for free. Because I am not a nail professional, I am not charging for nail services. However, keep in mind that I buy all my nail polishes myself, and they are not cheap, especially with shipping and handling costs. With that being said, I am asking for donations for services instead; $3-5 for polish only, $5-7 for French manicures and print patterns (such as Cheetah Girl, Zebra Diva, etc), and $7-10 for more intricate designs and rhinestones.

I have sample palettes of all the colors I own, and sample palettes for nail art designs. I can use color you own for designs as well, and the colors on any of the nail art designs can be interchangeable. I am also totally open to new ideas! I am currently without transportation, so you can come to me either at my college apartment or at my house on certain weekends. You can e-mail me at aliceinpolishland [at] gmail [dot] com, message me on Facebook, or text/call me (if you know my number), for requests/appointments!

Designs will continue to be featured on my blog on my full set of nails, but here are the current designs on a nail palette:

(From left to right) Cheetah Girl, Zebra Diva (I don't intent on using holo on it again as it takes away from the hotness of the pink), Ghetto Princess (full rhinestones on one finger), Starry Sky (incomplete for now, am waiting on my silver polish to come in), Betsey Johnson, and So Fly.
(From left to right) Modern Cheetah, Cali Gurl, Boys Boys Boys, Polka Dot Bikini Girlll, Love Game, and Stephanie (incomplete, I will update this when I finish!)


  1. Polka Dot Bikini Girlll is my fave! Very cute ^.^ Hope you get lots of donations! :)

  2. Jen - Thanks!! It was inspired by the song LMFAO - I'm in Miami Bitch :P

    Jeanelle - Thank you! It's so much fun

  3. I love your blog! My favorites are the polka dot bikini, zebra diva, and modern cheetah. If only my workplace allowed nails to be painted (I'm only allowed to wear clear)

    I'm jealous of your nail polish stash.. I tried to collect OPI polishes at one point but it got really expensive so I stopped :(