Wednesday, July 28, 2010

China Glaze Fly

China Glaze Fly is part of China Glaze's Kicks Collection from 2009. It's a very shimmer pink/purple/magenta color that is absolutely gorgeous! I had a really hard time photographing this one, because I am indoors with no sunlight! I hope I captured the color well enough. I feel as though in the past, I wouldn't have liked this color, but as I've said, I'm growing to appreciate pinks (and anything in that range) a lot better. This color definitely reminds me of brightly colored sneakers, as the collection name implies.

Blurry, but shows the color better

I apologize that my names are still nubbly looking! I wasn't going to post any swatches for the time being because they are so short, but I got bored so here we are!

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