Monday, July 19, 2010

Ghetto Princess

My best friend came over today for some nail polish goodness! After looking at my large collection of polishes, she settled on Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Flair, a very pretty purple. Unfortunately, the formula is either thickening or wasn't good to begin with and was rather uncooperative, even after adding a few drops of Seche Revive (by the way, can you use that stuff to thin out polishes other than Seche Vite?) I decided to fully bling out her ring fingers with rhinestones! It was very fun (and a little frustrating) to get all those rhinestones on there before the polish under it dried. I used 2 1/2 mm rhinestones and 2 mm rhinestones, in addition to a few Swarovski crystals she brought over in pink and clear. I love the blinged-out look a lot; it helped that it was only done on one nail so it wasn't too over-the-top.

My friend with her fresh manicure!

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