Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nail Palettes - Golds and Yellows

Today's nail palette contains my golds and yellows. For a while, I was obsessed with finding the perfect gold. I thought (and still think) it goes very well with my tan skin, as I have yellow/gold undertones. However, I'm also trying to branch out and try new colors. This summer, I've stepped out of my nail comfort zone and bought a few bright colors and I love them! Previously, I didn't own many cremes or brights, and now I am a converted fan!

(From left to right: Sally Hansen Fairy Tale Ivory, Etude House Gold, China Glaze 2030, OPI Bling Dynasty, Cover Girl Gold Rush, China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky)

Sally Hansen Fairy Tale Ivory: The picture did not do this shimmer justice! The color is a very light, beige color with a gorgeous shimmer. It's very sheer, but I use it in French manicures (just like Sally Hansen Pink Promise). This was one of the first polishes I ever got; my mom was the one who picked it out! Still one of my favorites of all time.

Etude House Gold: I bought this polish when I was in Korea last summer. I wasn't that into nail polish yet, which I totally regret! All the polishes were $1-$2, but I only got this one. It's a very pretty gold foil; the gold isn't too bright or gaudy, but not too light either. However, it takes several coats for it to be opaque.

China Glaze 2030: As I mentioned in the post about China Glaze 2030, this polish is an antique-looking rose gold. It appears more yellow gold in certain lights, and rose gold in brighter lighting.

OPI Bling Dynasty: Bling Dynasty is a mustard-y looking gold. It's very shimmery and gorgeous, and I love the name Bling Dynasty. The shimmer in it is darker than the base color; I almost want to call it pepper-y (or maybe I'm just hungry, talking about mustard).

Cover Girl Gold Rush: Cover Girl Gold Rush is gold glitter suspended in a clear polish. Not much to say about this one; it's gold glitter, exactly as one would expect. I wouldn't wear this polish alone, as it is in clear polish.

China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky: This is a super bright yellow polish. It leans more towards the orange side of yellow than the green, as it is not a neon-colored yellow. I really love this color; it is pretty flattering on my tan skin tone.


  1. Omgsh I <333333333 Etude House! There were 2 in Singapore when i lived there, which were similar to American pricing...but then I went to the Etude House in Kuala Lumpur and it just so happens that the entire store was 50% or something ridiculous (combined with the already cheap Malay pricing) I bought a few of their nail polishes, which I like because of the size of the bottle (I don't really paint my nails often).

    I recently purchased a gold by China Glaze...I can't remember the name >_< It's something of a goldish-nude color, so it blends really well with Asian skin and is good for work days where neon colors don't fly as well (aka everyday for me...sigh) I'll get back to you on the name!

  2. Winnie - I love Etude House too! I didn't even know what it was when I was there.. I also bought a really awesome eyeliner/mascara combo from Korea and I regret not buying more.

    I totally wear neon colors to work regardless =P I don't think anyone in my office cares haha I have bright pink on my toes and teal/aqua glitter on my fingers! But yes, one day if I get a new job, I'll probably have to tone it down a bit.

  3. Love these!! I really like the yellow. It's such a perfect color for summer.