Friday, July 30, 2010

Betsey Johnson Version II

My nails are still sad and nubbly... I really miss having my longer nails! It makes it harder to paint/do nail art sometimes. Anyways, today's nail is a different version of the Betsey Johnson nail challenge I did a couple weeks ago. While I liked that design better, the diagonal portion of gold seemed too much for short nails. I also used black rhinestones for the center of the flowers. I'm so addicted to the bright, summer nails!

I started by painting the base color: China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky. Then, I made brown branches on the thumb and ring fingers using a small brush and China Glaze Wagon Trail. After that, I used a dotting tool to dot China Glaze Sugar High in a flower formation.

I then dotted some China Glaze Innocence (a sheer pink) in the centers of each flower, followed by a dot of white polish. I immediately dropped a black rhinestone in the center of each flower.


  1. Your nails look SO pretty! I wish I was talented enough to do this kind of stuff on my nails. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel! Flowers are actually not too hard :) I just have an awesome dotting tool that makes really big dots for the flower petals; 6 dots and you have a flower! I'm still working on getting better at nail art too!

  3. lovely mani!

  4. Thanks Tara! I love your blog and am now following it!