Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair Straightening Iron

Hello ladies,

I need your help! My hair is driving me absolutely wild because I have mildly wavy hair. My hair is current at an awkward length ever since I cut it very short, and the hair on my right side is flipping out, in addition to the hair in the back flipping out in all sorts of weird directions. I have never owned a straightening iron in my life (just a curling iron), and I don't know where to begin looking! Last year, I got my hair chemically straightened in Taiwan (called Li2 Zi3 Tan4 in Chinese), so I never had to worry about straightening my hair; however, my hair has now grown out and is deliberately trying to make me angry. If any of you could give me good recommendations, I would be so grateful! Thank you!


  1. I've used a HAI and a Solia (Hai broke while studying in china, then airport crushed my solia this summer, i'm back to a hai). Both are fantastic, but I prefer the HAI because it feels better in my hands (it's slimmer and lighter than the Solia). You can read reviews on and then purchase for cheaper on Amazon =D

    ps- both are great for curling your hair when it grows out; for now, they're great for flipping the ends of your hair

  2. Thanks Winnie! Which HAI straightener would you recommend the most?

  3. Here's the one I have:

    I think 1.25" is a good size in general b/c it creates a good size curl and can be used for short and long hair alike.

    Btw- I got the liscio perm around 5 times (all while overseas)...I liked the 'silky' feeling, but definitely did not like the lack of volume at the top of my head! I think the best is after your hair grows out an inch or so and gets some of its oomph back! Anyway, it's much too expensive in the States (I paid $20 in mainland China, $90 in Singapore) so I'm back to scrunching my hair. Not sure what the texture of your hair is, but mine has a definite wave in addition to being ridiculously thick. So for days where I'm too tired to dry/straighten, I just rub some gel in my hair and it defines the waves! It's also better not to use heat on your hair all the time anyway. Don't forget to buy a heat protectant to use w/ your straightener =D

  4. Thanks Winnie!! I'll def look into getting that one :) I can't wait for my hair to not be ridiculously weirdly flippy haha