Sunday, December 12, 2010

China Glaze Sour Apple

Sorry I have been M.I.A.! I'm preparing for my last two finals in biology and chemistry - wish me luck! First semester sophomore year has been mad stressful, but very satisfying. Going to visit one of the medical schools in the area today was a real wake-up call (in a positive way) and only made me feel more motivated.

Anyways... on to the nail polish! I've had China Glaze Sour Apple for a long time (one of my first China Glaze polishes), but I never blogged it. It's one of the specialty collection glitters and is worth the pain in the butt to remove (even though it's super sheer). Also, it's highly staining when I put two layers of China Glaze Paper Chasing under... my nails turned YELLOW. Atrocious!

Two layers of Paper Chasing + two layers of Sour Apple.
Good luck with everyone else who is taking finals!!!


  1. Oooh pretty!!

    Have you ever tried the foil method to remove glitters? Because it makes removing them a million times easier.

  2. what a pretty color! good luck on your exams! :)

  3. Jeanelle - I'll have to try that! I've heard of it, but have been thus too lazy to pull out the foil :P I heard it works great

    carissakuo - thanks so much!

  4. I normally like to wear only pinkish and brownish toned nail polishes, but that plum green is looking amazing on your nails. I have added it in my wishlist :)

  5. So unusual color, I don't wear green, blue or yellowish tones nail polishes, but good for you, nice sharing.