Sunday, November 7, 2010

OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui

I bought the Hong Kong Tiny Takeouts as part of my last nail polish giveaway, and OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui caught my eye. The color was so pretty that I decided to buy a full bottle of it for myself! The color is so soothing... I can't really explain it! The formula is great, this is a one-coater (shown here with only one coat, as I've gotten really lazy).

Next up, I have a special set of guest nails! My roommate and I had a nail date, so I did her nails! Excuse some of the parts where the nail isn't fully covered or I made some mistakes - I'm still learning how to do other people's nails better! I've improved so much with doing my own nails since the summer, but I only do other people's nails on occasion. If you do nails, you know it's different because you're at different angles!

I call this sweet confection Cotton Candy. I used China Glaze Light as Air as the base, with various different nail polishes for the designs! I got the cupcake idea and the stripes from another blog (; I love her designs! Thanks for letting me *attempt* to duplicate the designs!

All my pictures have been not as good, because I never have time when the sun is out to take pictures of nails. Flash/indoor lighting makes for not as pretty pictures!


  1. Feng Shui, has a ring to it. xD
    Wow, one coat, it's really opaque, not a very roiginal color, but still lovely c:

  2. You did a really good job! I've only done someone else's nails once, and it was a traumatic experience. ;)

  3. Suzi says feng shui is very pretty. The nail art is very cute. It is very hard to do someone else's nails

  4. Love the colour and cute nail art!!

  5. I do my roommate's nail allll they tiime and I agree, I think it's so much harder to do hers than to do my own!

    And I too think Suzi Says FS is a gorgeous color! :)

  6. these nails are so cute and pretty =))) ^^

  7. Love that OPI color.

  8. That color is really calming!
    And the decorated nails are soooooooooo cute! I love the cherries!
    Great blog!

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