Friday, November 12, 2010

Light Box

After seeing all you wonderful ladies post about using a light box, I Googled how exactly to get one of these things that would make my pictures look better. I ended up making my own little light box! It's a little too small right now, so I'm trying to find a bigger box to make another light box. So far, I haven't done my nails for the last week because I've been completely swamped with exams (although I did pretty well!), but I'm going to do my nails on Saturday, at the very latest. I feel like I deserve a manicure after the chem and bio exams.

Anyways, while I didn't take any nail pictures, I took some bottle shots and pictures of random objects lying around my room, just to test out the light box and my camera! I'm still working on learning how to use my camera completely, but so far I love my little pink Canon PowerShot!

I had some fun trying to make little captions and a "watermark" of my blog! I hope to improve on the design and make it cuter, but for now these are a couple samples!

And now for some random spam of objects that I thought looked cool in the light box! I'm also missing a light bulb right now, the lighting looks really off. I'm open to any suggestions and comments about the photography! This has been a fun stress reliever for me!

My sorority!

What do you all use to take your nail photos? Do you find it extremely frustrating that some colors (*cough* China Glaze Custom Kicks) just won't look right on your camera?


  1. The pictures look great!

    Can you tell me please how you did the lightbox? I tried doing one myself, but it didn't come out so great so I am trying to get a good tutorial to make a new one.

  2. Alexa1202 - Thanks! I'll be sure to put up a tutorial (I'm trying to build a new one anyways!) I had always wondered how people made them haha!

  3. Great!

    I can't wait for the tutorial :)

  4. Was just about to ask that!
    Yuush, Please put up a tutorial :D
    I depend on natural sunlight for my pictures

  5. Wow, what a great light box! I also depend on sunlight... Put up a tutorial please!

  6. I need to make one too, thanks for reminding me ;)tutorial would be great

  7. Great lightbox!!!
    I've never been able to capture China Glaze for Audrey correctly! It seems so blue on the pics! That's very frustrating, you're right!

  8. I need to make a light box! I use my desk lamp and natural lighting.

  9. I prefer not to use a light box - in fact, I don't have one - because I like to show polishes just how they look in reality to the human eye, and if sun decides not to show up, it's ok, I wear polish as well ;>

  10. Alexa1202: I haven't forgotten about you yet! As soon as I am on Thanksgiving break, I am going to make a tutorial :)

    AnnKiins'♥, Lois, hermetic, - I will get on that tutorial ASAP!

    Spaceinvaders: get one... or make one for cheaper!

    ABC nails: thank you! I agree... For Audrey is a difficult one!

    Zara: It's really fun, even if to take pictures of other objects (as you can see from my blog haha!)

    Smaltoitaliano: that's def true. I try to take color-accurate pictures, lightbox or not