Monday, October 18, 2010

OPI Jade Is the New Black

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've last posted, but that's because I've been on a nail hiatus... I've been using China Glaze calcium nail fortifier. Honestly, I have no idea if it has worked at all, because after a few days, I got very impatient and started using nail polish again. Although I must say that the fortifier is nice to wear when I'm not wearing polish because it does seem to keep my nails together (they seem to be breaking a lot lately). Anyways, on to the polish! OPI Jade Is the New Black is from OPI's Hong Kong collection. The color is gorgeous, and very true to the name - I own a few pieces of jade (from the lovely boyfrann), and the color is nearly identical (although the polish is obviously a creme and darker).

While I still love my glitters and shimmers, I find that I wear cremes much more often now. I think they are more "neutral," and therefore go with more outfits. What do you guys think? What is your favorite type of nail polish?

P.S. I got a new camera! I love it - Canon PowerShot 1300is. Do you think the picture came out better?


  1. I love JITNB! I think I like shimmers the most, because they're pretty normal but in the light it's shiny and cool!

  2. That is stunning and I don't usually like greens.. Lovely x

  3. I love this color! I wear cremes the most, but I don't know that I prefer them all the just depends on the mood I'm in.

  4. I love this colour. I have it in my collection and am due to manicure my nails tonight, think I might reach for this ;)

  5. I don't usually like greens but this one looks great on you :D

  6. Spaceinvaders - it's def my new favorite green! and I love shimmers as well :)

    Cheeky Beauty - thanks! Green is one of my favorite nail colors (although it's rare I find a color I DON'T like haha!)

    Zara - me too! It's almost getting hard for me to even choose a nail color sometimes... so many choices :)

    Amelia - thanks! Jade is the New Black is hot on everyone :)

    AnnKiins' - thanks! <3

  7. This is stunning! Your camera is lovely.

  8. i really, really like this color! i wanted to buy it for my birthday,too, but i have to choose between so many amazing colors!

  9. i absolutely love your blog!
    i love opi colours, and they are really good.
    This is very shinny and also jade!
    i follow from now your amaizing blog!!

  10. I mightneed to get this after all. Everytime I try a creme polish I end up getting all bored with it and I vow never to buy a creme again. But sometimes I do it anyway.
    Anyway, so I love most finishes except for cremes. I'm not a huge fan of jellies either.
    I love your blog name!