Tuesday, October 5, 2010

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

First post in a long time! College has been crazy busy as usual (and kicking my butt a bit, especially biology). I have another two exams this week, and then *slightly* less busy. So apologies for not posting often! I really wish this was something I could do more often, but school does come first of course. I still do my nails a couple times of a week (as time permits), just to have some relaxation time in between all the studying.

I used Konad plate S10 with Essie Licorice over China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. I love this color! It's very flattering and reminds me of a lighter, greener ChG For Audrey. As you can see (at least with the puppy), I'm still learning how to Konad properly (this is just my second try). A definite improvement from my first time though!


  1. I love mints! They look so innocent =D, I want this plate because of the bunny! Sorry school is kickin your booty, but it just means they are truly educating you!

  2. Minty goodness and those stamps are sooo cute!

  3. The panda face is so cute! lol

  4. this is soooo adorable I hope to get a Konad kit soon :D

    I also picked up Re Fresh Mint the other week :) haha


  5. I love the Konading! So cute.

  6. Freshie - that's why I bought the plate too! It's soooo cute :P and yes, I am getting a good education even though it's difficult!

    JQ - Yes, I love the minty goodness too! One of my fav nail trends!

    Isabel - thanks, it's one of my favorite on that plate :)

    Amelia - it's so fun! Right now I only have two plates, but I plan on getting more (the next time I get a paycheck anyways)

    Zara - thanks!

    Spaceinvaders - thank you :)