Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Color Club Magic Attraction & Ms. Socialite

Good morning everyone! This was definitely one of the harder mornings to wake up to; I just wanted to roll back in bed and not go to work. My sorority just started fall rush and it's been really busy! Luckily, rush gives me an excuse to do my nails. Here are my nails from the last couple days:

Color Club Magic Attraction - isn't the glitter just gorgeous and holographic-y? This is a completely glitter polish (dries bumpy because of all the little pieces of glitter), but nothing two coats of top coat won't fix. I find that it dries quickly because it's so glitter-y.

Color Club Magic Attraction again, just because I love it so much! It's got a  lot of different colors of glitter, but I found that it was mostly silver and holographic, which gives it a rainbow look. I bought an extra bottle by accident so it'll be in my next giveaway!

Delta Phi Epsilon nails! I used some purple from LA Colors (one that gloves under UV light), but it was from my sorority so I don't remember the polish! I used Cover Girl Gold Rush (gold sparkles) over.

Color Club Ms. Socialite. This was done for our event tonight, Philanthropy Night! I painted a little bow and added a rhinestone. On the other nails, I did one swipe of Lancôme Juicy Vernis 43 on each.


  1. omg i love the first one, glitter is fab!!!


  2. All are very pretty. Love Magic Attraction

  3. OMG, I am so happy I have Color Club Magic Attraction! I haven't tried it yet but I think I'll have to do it now! It's sooooo gorgeous! You cought the holo sparkle very well on your sweeet nails! <3<3<3

  4. Wow, mama.
    Magic Attraction is lovely.
    Must be a pain to get it off.

    I have something like Ms.Socialite.
    It's a 17 brand :D

  5. Magic Attraction looks the shizz xxx

  6. im in love with the purple nails with the bow!!

    stop by sometime<3

  7. Steph xox - I love glitter too! I think Magic Attraction is one of my favorite glitters.. it's so holographic!

    Twister - me too :)

    Tiana - Thanks girl! You should be happy you have it haha :) I was apparently so overzealous about getting it that I have two by accident :P

    AnnKiins - It was not a pain only because I did something very bad - I peeled it off! Normally I never do that because it's very damaging, but I didn't feel like soaking off the glitter

    Amelia - Yes it is :D

    Anna Katrina - Thanks! Your blog is awesome too!

    Laura - me too :)

  8. That looks really sweet and delicate! I love Attraction the most.

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    Thanks a lot and have a great day.